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After being silent for... always? I'll give my opinion on some Pokémon in Mix&Mega (Part. 1)

ALERT: I'm not a native English speaker, so don't blame me please :P

Magearna A+ -> S

Wow, what a start. Firstly, everyone will agree when I say that Magearna is a top-tier mon. She's in 1/4 of all teams, and she's the pivot that all balanced teams dream of. She can counter almost every Calm Mind user with Heart Swap, can combat Blissey by bouncing back Stealth Rock and abusing the high Blissey's HP in its favor with Pain Split. Volt Switch lets her pivot for a team mate. We can also use a Cameruptite Calm Mind BoltBeam set that can easily clean up balanced and stall teams alike. She resists both Flying, Fairy and Ice type courtesy of her Steel-type, making her a really good counter to -ate abusers such as Zygarde, Genesect and Weavile. She's never a deadweight against HO teams because of the Gyaradosite and Ampharosite leads, leading to a non-escape for common leads such as Shuckle and DeoS who are forced to mega-evolve in order to don't see their Entry Hazards be bounced back to them due to Sablenite, making them weak to Fleur Cannon. After that, Magearna can continue to send powerful Fleur Cannons, pivoting to keep momentum or countering some setup sweepers with Heart Swap. Definitely a force in this metagame, and I think she deserves S Rank.

Toxapex Latiasite / Gyaradosite / Sablenite

To be honest, I don't even know why Sablenite is here, but let's keep it in third position. Latiasite and Gyaradosite are better options, the first giving a Ground-immunity, and therefore and immunity to Ground Judgment and Earthquake, which lets Toxapex hard counter Arceus-Ground, Hippowdon and Primal-Groudon that lacks a boosting move. The latter lets Toxapex set up Toxic Spikes freely and doesn't mind about spamming Toxic, letting him poison Sablenite walls that are not a Steel or Poison type. (say Blissey)

Deoxys-SpeedA -> A+

The most used Suicide Lead in the tier. He can always setup at least Rocks against just about everything that is not named Focus Sash Excadrill. Most of the time, he can get a layer of Spikes too due to its increased bulk. It's a free taunt on other leads that would try to set up hazards (Shuckle?) and have a good starter move with PsychoBoost.
Pidgeotite DeoS is an excellent Pokémon for balanced teams, by abusing Zap Cannon to paralyse everything that is not a Ground type, and can Psycho Boost those Ground-types on a predicted Zap Cannon. He can setup a Nasty Plot against defensive mons to destroy anything that comes in (even Specially Defensive Magearna does not really appreciates taking a Zap Cannon at +2 + paralysis). He can even overcome Blissey by using Nasty Plot and then Zap Cannon/Focus Blast his way through De Sablenite Blob. Or you can just spam Zap Cannon, it's 100% free anyway.
(ps: he can survive any -ate Espeed, except Adamant Altarianite Entei [30% OHKO])

(please ban Zap Cannon)

Terrakion A- -> A

Okay, so for this one, I really don't know if I'd keep it A- or give him A rank.
Terrakion has always been a monster about everything that is called "Wallbreaking", and in Mix&Mega, it's no exception. Lucarionite Terrakion can at least 2HKO nearly the entire metagame, even 252HP/252+Def Arceus-Ground is 2HKOed by Close Combat (who's supposed to be a "counter" to Terrakion). He can easily clean up slower teams after a Swords Dance. His weak point is its speed, leaving him outsped by a large number of faster offensive mons like... everything that have Diancite, in fact.
Speaking of Diancite, Terrakion Diancite is a powerful Pokemon too, boasting him a at-least-not-bad 168 bst Speed, and gives him free opportunities to switch into Blissey to bounce back Rocks/Toxic and have a free Close Combat/Swords Dance/Substitute.
Nevertheless, Terrakion keeps its weakness to Fairy Espeed an falls against faster offensive mons such as Kartana and Deoxys-Speed, which is a problem when facing HOs or Balanced archetypes. He stills be an excellent Pokemon in this meta and it may deserve A rank.

Kartana A -> A-

This Pokemon always have the same problem: He's really fast and hits hard ,but he's still outspeed by some offensive mons and he can't really achieved impressive OHKOs/2HKOs.
Even after a Swords Dance, Kartana has a bad time at OHKOing Pokémons. If you're not destroyed before because of its really bad Specia lDefense. Even with its great defenses, he can't take a lot of powerful neutral hits, and his weakness to Fighting isn't in it's favor for this. At least he's neutral to -ate. But hey, he gets a new Grass/Fighting type with Lopunnite, giving him a way better offensive typing ! But he becomes weak to all -ate, and he still can't break through his counters anyway. A really cool mon in Mix&Mega, but sadly I feel like he's losing power (and usage) with time.

Raikou B+ -> A-

When equipped with Red Orb, Raikou becomes an unwallable (can we say that?) mon that is ready to demolish defensive teams with relative ease. Its Weather Balls have impressive power, and he's not annoyed by Blue Orb users due to Thunderbolt and Weather Ball that becomes Water-type and gets 100 BP, which is not that much of a problem. Its Electric/Fire gives him important resistances to Grass, Steel, Water, Electric, Flying, Ice and Fairy type attacks, granting him a lot of switch-in opportunities. But if Raikou is that much great, why he's B+ (maybe A-?) Rank? Because he's really slow for an offensive Pokémon. He stills outspeed every defensive mons, but every offensive will outspeed it and will have an effective move to throw at it. A X4 weakness to Ground and weakness to Rock-type (hello Stealth Rock) is not playing in its favor too. Lack of recovery moves means that he will be easily be worn down by Entry Hazards and Poison throughout the match. But despite these flaws, I think that Raikou stills have unparalleled Wallbreaking capabilities and can shine with appropriate Team Support (Defog, VoltTurn core, maybe Healing Wish/Wish)

Volcarona B+ -> A-

Volcarona has always been (and will always be) a really good Pokémon known for his access to the sacred Quiver Dance, letting him become a fast, powerful, and bulky Pokémon in 1 turn that can easily sweep unprepared teams. With Red Orb, he can pull off absurdly strong Fire Blasts and gets an immunity to Water-type moves. If Stealth Rocks are up and Volcarona gets a Quiver Dace, it's better be reacting really fast if you don't want to see nothing but dust of your Pokémons. He gets a 1-Turn Solar Beam too, but keep an eye to Blue Orb users.
Sadly, a X4 weakness to Stealth Rocks means that he needs a really good Hazard Control from his teammates, and with Aerilate Espeed and the possible rising of Blue Orb Golisopod, priority is a big problem for Volcarona. He's hardwalled by Blue Orb Skarmory/Celesteela too, due to the lack of effective coverage moves against them. He lacks speed before Quiver Dance, 100 bst Speed isn't gonna win him any gold medal.
But even with these flaws, and with appropriate team support, Volcarona is an absolute beast in Mix&Mega with Quiver Dance and very good raw power, and a Pokémon that any team has to be prepared to face.

(i'll give some replays, i love this Pokemon in Mix&Mega)

It's only the first part of what I have to say, but i'll continue tomorrow
Fuck my job got taken

Anyway, I'd like to express my thoughts on this:

Magearna: A+ -> S: On the fence

I'm not gonna lie, ever since people realized Cameruptite Magearna has been lowkey broken, I personally think that seeing more evidence for an S rank in high level play is needed to justify a rise. Its pivot sets are extremely splashable and tough to take down, forming two mon cores with Venusaurite ground-types - looking at Gliscor as a significant partner (I'll be nominating it later!) and its Cameruptite sets are some of the hardest hitters in the metagame. CM Split is the set that I could see Magearna having the potential to be S with, but it is also vulnerable to some more uncommon Pokemon such as Togekiss and Volcarona - both of which are rocks weak, but are dangerous threats to take on. It's for sure a very splashable mon but I'm not quite convinced all it has is enough for S at the moment.

(Cameruptite can also run Flashbolt - this removes a good deal of common answers on stall and allows Magearna to check Tapu Lele very efficiently!)

Mentioned these Toxapex changes - 100% agree with them.

Also mentioned my thoughts on Deoxys-Speed - definitely worthy of A+.

Terrakion: A- -> A: Disagree

I honestly don't think Terrakion is consistent enough to be considered A rank anymore. With both forms of -atespeed going around, and speed tiers becoming slightly higher this time around, Terrakion faces more competition as a breaker from Pokemon like Keldeo, as it is unable to pierce through various walls like Hippowdon, Arceus-Fairy and Arceus-Ghost. It is also revenge killed by a new toy in Naganadel, and overall, despite being a good breaker, I just don't think the meta has been too kind to it to justify it rising.

Kartana: A -> A-: Disagree

Whereas you are true that Kartana is still unable to break most defensive Pokemon even after a Swords Dance, you are underestimating the capabilities it has as an offensive Pokemon. For a start, it is one of the strongest checks to Altarianite Zygarde, admittedly the most threatening mon in this metagame. It may have to drop Return this way, which it can also use to pierce through Zapdos if Stealth Rocks are up, but it helps it out with Grass/Fighting's mediocre coverage. Not only this, but Kartana is able to Defog away hazards if the third attack is not needed, making Kartana able to support the team in dire situations.

The next point is something I need a much longer post about and is something I would really like to settle with the community, because this certain mon is basically superior in almost all ways compared to Raikou, so I will just post my response here for then:

Victini: C -> B+/A-
Raikou: B+ -> B-

Volcarona: B+ to A-: Leaning towards disagreeing

Volcarona is definitely a good mon, don't get me wrong, but I do not feel it is comparable to the rest of A- just because of how much support it demands. First off, having a 4x weakness to Stealth Rock really hinders it, requiring Defog support - double Defog is heavily advised, however. Another problem would be the use of AeriSpeed - which negates Volcarona's ability to bulk out most attackers and Quiver Dance up on them. So, pairing it with something like Venusaurite Zapdos + Arceus-Ground would do it well. However, bypass all of those problems and you now have an underrated sweeper that can take down most teams thanks to Sheer Force's ludicrous power increase, that could be worthy of A-. However, the problems with priority and residual damage make Volcarona's life hard.
Magearna -> S Maybe/Not Yet
Magearna is undeniably a top tier threat. Its defensive sets are incredibly splashable and Sablenite checks so many threats. What makes Magearna S worthy to me however is its offensive set, which blows through common defensive checks. The reason I don't think it deserves S yet is because Cameruptite's biggest appeal is that a large amount of players are unaware of what it does and play poorly against it. At high level play people will play smarter against Magearna because they know what it does, instead of keeping a full health Blissey in on it as it sets up (even so a well played Magearna is a top tier threat). I don't think most people have experienced what Magearna is capable and in a month or two once people realize how op it is and begin to prep more for it with mons like Volcarona and Toge, then it would be more appropriate to analyze its placement. However if the rest of the community agrees that it should be S I'm all for it. It's ability to break through teams with its Cameruptite set or wall tons of important threats with Venu/Sab make it a solid candidate for S

after that abomination of a paragraph im just gonna keep the rest simple

Deo-S to A+ for sure, both Gyaradosite and Pidgeotite are op as fuck. Not much else to it lol

I can kinda get behind Terrakion to A, it is a really threatening wallbreaker, but with Arceus Fairy on the rise along with most offensive teams run atespeed or a faster threat, it's easily revenged.

Kartana i strongly disagree with, although it's just as easily revenge as Terrakion, its much more reliable against offensive teams with metagrossite not being weak to ate speed and lopunnite can even play around against it by waiting to mega. Frustration/Return on Kart allows it to break past common checks like Zapdos Volcarona and even defensive Ho-Oh after rocks.

Volarona -> A- On the fence
Volcarona is definitely a huge threat, but I'm not sure if it's quite up to par with other A- mons like Entei or even Weakvile. I'd argue that Cameruptite Volcarona is better than Red Orb, but it's really down to preference as both sets are the same. Another large problem as chazm said was it's required support hinders it's viability a lot.

Agreed with Chazm about Victini to B+/A- and Raikou down to B-, Victini does just about everything better and has a better defensive typing, V-Create is actually broken

Since we're nomming stuff I guess I'll throw my 2 cents in with some mostly small noms

Ditto C -> C+
Has seen a large rise in usage on stall because of its ability to revenge kill a ton of offensive mons like Zygarde Terrak Kartana SD/RP Pdon, and causes a mind game when playing against it.

Primal Kyogre B- -> B
Sub/Rest CM is honestly one of the strongest stallbreakers in the tier. Most teams don't prepare for it at all, and it destroys common balance cores. It is really slow, but it makes up for it with half defent bulk and insane power.

Cobalion B -> C+
to be frank, this thing is really really bad, it can't break past any common defensive threats whatsoever and gets revenged by most of the tier. Honestly i'd rank it lower but C+ for now is fine

Golisopod B -> B+
B rank is really underrating this mon, the introduction of Drill Run means Red Orb users can no longer reliably check it anymore. It's not an A rank threat like it used to be in SM, but it deserves a rise

Tapu Koko A- -> B+/B
I've never believed koko has been as threatening as A- mons, let alone B+ mons. The only set I've seen that was actually threatening was Pidgeotite, -ate sets cant reliably break teams as much. It does have a nice speed tier however but for me that's all it has over Thundurus

Xerneas A -> A-
The rise of Magearna and the introduction of Dusk Mane has really hurt Xerneas. Nearly every team has a hard check to it even at +2 and it isn't nearly as threatening as it used to be

Lele A -> A-
basically the same as Xerneas, Dusk Mane and Magearna really hurt it. Diancite doesn't have nearly as good of speed tier as it used to with more people bringing faster mons

few noms i agree with and have already been explained or i don't feel like explaining bc i got tired
Dusk Mane UR -> A-/A
Naga UR -> A
Ultra Nec UR -> B/B+
Stakatakataka UR -> B-/C+
Jirachi UR -> B-
Solgaleo C- -> UR
does nothing Dusk Mane cant honestly, z-splash is bad
Vaporeon C- -> UR lol what
Gira C -> B-
Vaporeon C- -> UR
Mandibuzz B -> B-
Gira-O B -> B-
Hippo B -> B+
Golisopod B -> B+
Keldeo B -> A-

Also though i only saw it once recently venu glisc is cool
Gonna try to bring up something here - Blue Orb Celebi. I've seen Chloe use it once when I battled her a few months back. It's stats are 100/150/100/130/120/100. And from what I've seen about it, it's main purpose is to wall Primal Groudon. For now I'm gonna nom it for C/C-. Let's look at its traits.

Being a Blue Orb Grass-type, it is immune to one of Primal Groudon's STABs and resistant to the other. And while 100/100/120 bulk seems OK, in this metagame that is simply not enough. What Celebi can do to beat Primal Groudon, is to Nasty Plot and then Grass Knot. That, is where its positives end. Now, let's look at what beats it, and why it is simply inadequate for being a useful check of Primal Groudon.

First off, -ates: Celebi is weak to two of the most common -ates, being Pinsirite/Salamencite or Glalitite. And take into consideration that users of both are extremely common, with Glalitite Weavile being able to prevent Zygarde setup to an extent as well as hit hard on other things, and Pinsirite Entei being able to beat even Blue Orb Golisopod and other Bug-types and just hit hard in general. Celebi finds itself vulnerable to both, and must steer clear of these mons if you want to use it properly.

Secondly, it is beaten by the actually prevalent Blue Orb user not named Kyogre: Golisopod. Due to its massive bulk, Celebi fails to break through it with Grass Knot or Psychic, and in return Golis can Leech Life (if people ever run 4 Attacks (i.e. Aqua Jet, Liquidation, Drill Run, Leech Life) on it at all) and not only recover the taken damage, but also get a straight OHKO due to Celebi's 4x weakness to Bug.

Thirdly, it is very much outclassed by the currently good and viable Primal Groudon checks, as they serve more purposes than it does. Let's look at Hippowdon for example. Venusaurite Hippowdon, not only walls Primal Groudon, but also can wall and phaze out Zygarde with Whirlwind, on top of being able to wall and OHKO Raikou with the right spread. Golisopod also checks Primal Groudon to an extent, cancelling out its weather, resisting both of its STABs (despite being weak to Stone Edge), and can be a powerful rain sweeper due to its high Attack stat and even pressure Red Orb switch-ins with Drill Run, which Celebi cannot do.

So in general, while Blue Orb Celebi can check Primal Groudon to an extent, Golisopod does that much better. I do believe it deserves a mention on the VR though; gonna nom it for C or C-.

tl;dr: celebi is an uncheck to pdon, nom for c/c- pls