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  1. FrenchGaudi

    A Dark Aura Giveaway

    Hello and welcome to my Giveaway! (mods please don't close!) Information: What i'm giving away is RNG'ed shiny ultra warmhole yveltal They are 60 copies of it, when i don't have in stock i will maybe close this giveaway Every mons i will giveaway in the future will be UT If you have question...
  2. FrenchGaudi

    Gaudi's RNG Paradisiaque ft Moon ball Shiny Yveltal, XYZ RNg'ed set and Shiny Poipole!

    Thanks to Orbelune from Pokestrat for this amazing banner! Rules: 1/ No Hacks/Scamming 2/ Be polite. 3/ Have Fun. What I'm interested in for now: Current code distributions. (All lang) Trick Room spread legit Ditto. Level 1 UT EM shinies/ RNG's Infos: (ΩR) // IGN: Gaudi //...
  3. FrenchGaudi

    Funny Muses - Ft Bébé Rexha Portrait!

    I drawed a lot and ive got a lot of spit spitbacks but a still got the passion ! Here you can see my 5 favorite themes :
  4. FrenchGaudi

    The Kimi's 2.0-Dancing With The 7th Gen Stars! Shiny Sneasel and Timid Volcanion!

    Tatertot TyVip Doobzi Rules: 1/ No Hacks/Scamming, seriously? Wasting my time on my game, so is you. 2/ Be polite. 3/ Have Fun. What I'm interested in for now: Various codes to reset. Infos: (ΩR) // IGN: Gaudi // FC: 5043-6049-2657 // ESV: 0266 (X) // IGN: Gaudi // FC: 5043-6049-2657 //...
  5. FrenchGaudi

    Froslass giveaways for this Coldest Winter!

    First modo please don't clode the thread it's a giveway for the holidays and I'd like to return back the good feelings i've got from all the members! So let's go: Pokemon: Frosslass (478) Nature: timid Ability: Cursed Body DO: Dopegaudi ID: 17144 Attaques: Dastiny Bond, Taunt, Ice beam...
  6. FrenchGaudi

    Maybe I can RNGed You something? Feat. Competitive Shinys, Wondercards and more

    First, modos please don't close, I learn the lesson and my spreadsheet belongs now to the past! :) OPEN/CLOSE Hello everyone! It's time to end up with my ready-made products, now I'm bringing you french home-made french fries! You come here with a pokemon in your head, it's nature, ivs, a...